My district could not have gone from last place to 1st place in national offense and sales performance in less than a year without the exceptional sales expertise and real life practicality we gained from working with SMMarT. 

They know their business and they really understand ours!

-Rene’ Wukich; District Vice President, Insight Communications

SMMarT helped us evaluate our goals and marketing plan and saved us a lot of money! We are now able to get more bang for the buck.

-Dr. Paul Keller, M.S., M.D.; Iowa Radiology

The SMMarT seminar on How to Attract Ideal Clients helped my team dramatically improve its ability to bring in new business. We are now doing better then ever before!

-Mark Coy, Director of Business Development; Securian Advisors

T knows direct sales.  Their analysis of my three direct sales teams was spot on, and their sales training session immediately improved our close rate across the board! 

-Patrick Poland; Marketing Manager, Bright House Networks

Kim's presentation was dynamite! He helped our out-bound sales calls take off!

-Claude Wilkins; Iowa Telecom

SMMarT trained our call center CSRs and they were nothing short of terrific!  Their grasp of ‘what works’ is second to none, and their ability to communicate their message makes it fun to learn.         

-Chris Namanny; Revival Animal Health

Our B2B sales team turned in its best performance ever after Kim's sales training program.  I highly recommend him to any company looking to improve its sales.

-Dave Arringdale, CEO; Combined Systems Technology

You certainly made a positive impact on our key producers with your refreshing content and entertaining delivery and style. Very well received!

-Jackson Ode Managing Partner; Financial Decisions Group

SMMarT put together a dynamite sales, marketing and customer service plan that increased my lunchtime business 25%. 

-Randi Paparello; Paisano Partner; Buca di Beppo Restaurant

Kim was great.  Entertaining, informative & motivating.  We learned marketing!

-Cyndi Avery Vice President; Bankers Trust

Your marketing advice and guidance proved invaluable in helping us rapidly grow our business.  Thanks!

-Rick Portel COO; Prof. Medical Management      

SMMarT converted our CSRs from order takers to true sales people . . . Our call center sales close rates doubled within two weeks and our customer retention immediately improved by 30%. Scores of programmers and internal and external sales consultants have attempted to teach my call center personnel better sales techniques.  None have been as effective as SMMarT.

-Donald J. Bache, General Manager; Verizon Media Ventures, Inc.

Kim does a nice job of taking the fear out of selling by laying out a sales and marketing process that is easy to understand and easy to implement. After his input, we noticed a marked difference in the ability of those who used the process in comparison to those who did not.

-Eric Pringle CEO; Integrated People Solutions

Kim Robinson’s day and a half sales training and leadership program to our B2B sales and management team was outstanding! His program was alive, spirited, full of interaction and very well received!

-Allen Sabbag CEO; Lighthouse Communications

Kim is an excellent speaker.  He’s        entertaining, he holds audience attention extremely well and he knows his subject matter. What more could you want?

-Art Bauer President; NewMediaNow!

Kim’s enthusiasm was contagious, and his ability to clarify and simplify the ‘sales’ process to our leadership group helped us develop strategies for building our membership."

-Wade Riedinger Vice President; YMCA of Greater Des Moines

Thank you for your excellent presentation to our association.  You have a gift with your humor and ability to teach while we laugh.  You made us think!

-Marilyn J. Amendt Program Chair; American Business Women’s Association

Your two-hour ‘How to Sell’ seminar to our Chamber group was terrific!  Everyone walked away with something they could use. 

-Steve Barnett; Newton Chamber of Commerce


Kim’s common sense approach to sales and marketing transcends industries and goes right to the heart of the matter, from scheduling appointments to getting buying commitments from the decision makers to getting the phones to ring.

-Shannon L. Godwin, VP Sales & Marketing; Lighthouse Communications

You did an outstanding job of communicating with our large Chamber group. Your entertaining and interactive presentation gave each person specific and useful tools they can use to bring in more business.  I highly recommend you to any group looking to grow!

-Sharon Keeling, Community Involvement Manager; Greater Des Moines Partnership

Kim, attendance at our monthly Chamber meeting was twice normal because you were the speaker.  Your presentation on positioning and cold calling was right on target and just what our members needed to drive more business.  An excellent job! 

-Kirstin Stoffer Executive Director; Urbandale Chamber of Commerce

Kim's message really hits home!  His presentation, The 10 Sales Basics is anything but basic. It not only gets you thinking about what you can do to propel your sales career, but also gets you started on the right foot!

-Todd McDonald President; ATW Training & Consulting 

Your SMMarT Business development session was terrific!  I learned more in 30 minutes of your presentation than I have in daylong seminars

-Jeffrey L. Bradford, Ph.D.; ROCG Stratum Consulting

Kim is great to work with and he helped us hit it out of the park! We now have more ideal clients then ever before as a direct result of his easy to understand and easy to implement acquisition process. He is a terrific investment!

-Steve Jack; Steven Jack & Associates

Kim's speech about communication was both enlightening and very entertaining. I highly recommend him as a speaker. He is a good investment!

-Gerri Washington, Contact Center Officer; Principal Financial Group

Sessions with Kim were very informative, engaging, and interesting and his great sense of humor kept everyone involved.  Thanks Kim!

-Loretta Duncan, Sales & Marketing; Indian Harvest Specialty Foods

The sales performance of each of our inside sales people significantly improved as a direct result of your training. Call length dropped while per call dollar value has risen.  From the greeting to the closing, each call is now handled promptly and professionally, and our guys now know how to ask for the business!   

-Chad Bagby, Business Manager; The Alamo Group/VALU-BILT

Today’s seminar was great! I learned a lot of useful nuggets I can’t wait to apply to my job.

-Audrey Davis; Industrial Relations PPAI

Kim Robinson spoke at a number of our functions about the consultive sales process and common sense marketing and he is great!  He's entertaining and keeps everyone engaged and, when his presentation is over, you realize you actually learned something you can immediately put to good use.

-Michele Soria, Executive Director; Iowa Council for International Understanding (ICIU)

Great job! Getting involved with others and learning new, real world techniques was a wonderful shot in the arm.

-Amy Blum; St. Joseph’s Indian School

We see major improvements in the quantity and quality of sales from our representatives.
  We now see sales quotas being met and exceeded, and a new sales culture mentality is beginning to take hold in our organization . . .Kim was also very responsive and worked very well within our often changing schedules.  Overall, I believe the benefit Kim provided our sales group was immense, and I highly recommend his program to any who wish to take their sales to the next level.

-Dave DeAngelo, Director of Marketing; Bright House Networks

Kim was the star speaker at our annual sales convention and he knocked our socks off with his easy to understand and easy to implement process to streamline recruiting and make more sales at the door for our direct sales teams.  He was great!

-Russell Leitch: President; Procom Services

Kim Robinson played a key leadership role in developing and implementing a new sales and marketing model for our new product offering.
  We benefited by his experience and guidance and welcomed positive market feedback and financial results in a very short time frame.

Engaging his firm is an insurance policy on quick results and financial success.

-Jay Devers, Executive Vice President; FBX Consumer Internet

Great marketing seminar
!  I learned a lot of helpful information.

-Janelle Holter; Central bank

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