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Published Articles All this good stuff is completely free!   Really.

The published articles listed here were all written by the #1 SMMarT Guy, Kim Robinson.  Each one is brief, entertaining, and educational without being preachy.

Please feel free to read any that strike your fancy. 
  • 3 Cs of Successful Marketing
    Discover the three bedrock fundamentals to creating effective display ads, marketing pieces, and campaigns.

  • Bad Manners Are Bad for Business
    Generate more business and close more sales by following these five simple rules of business etiquette. 

  • Building a Management Team
    Team members who know and understand each other away from work can better predict each other’s behavior while at work.  Read one exciting example of a boss who learned the hard way about how hard a member of his team wanted to win.

  • Call Center Sales
    Learn three simple communication techniques that decrease call times and increase revenues.

  • Dealing With Conflict
    Read the simple nine-step process to comfortable, and completely, resolve any conflict.

  • Do Sweat the Small Stuff
    Read examples of how paying attention to small details can generate big sales.

  • Don't Insult Your Prospects
    Don’t blow sales by trying to make your competition look bad.

  • Door-to-Door Sales
    A brief, yet spot-on, primer about how to be successful selling anything door-to-door.

  • Emotional Persuaders
    Discover the five things advertisers use to push our buttons so we remember their products.

  • Four Tips For Success
    These four tips will help you hit the ground running every year, and any year.

  • Great Customer Service is Sales
    Great customer service and up selling go hand-in-hand to improve customer satisfaction and generate revenue usually left on the table.

  • Hire the Personality
    Don’t change the job to fit the person—hire the right person for the job.

  • Ho Ho Ho
    Don’t sweat the small stuff about holiday shopping.

  • Listen
    More salespeople talk themselves out of a sale than ever talk themselves into one.  Learn six tips to help you listen better to close more sales.

  • No, Thank You. CLICK!
    The key to successful cold calling.  Learn how to make more sales with outbound calls.

  • Selfish Doesn't Sell
    It’s not all about you when it comes to creating marketing pieces for your company.  Learn what works and why.

  • The 3 Sales Truths
    Gain clarity about the three things that govern sales and the sales process.

  • The Waiter Test
    A simple personality test many top executives use to determine if a management candidate is the right person for the job.

  • Waiting for Service
    Control the line to increase both customer satisfaction and repeat sales.  See what happens when you don’t…

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