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The SMMarT Consulting Group, Inc. began as a sales and customer service training company in 2001.  We have since grown into a full-service marketing company that also provides sales training.  This duality makes us a true acquisition-focused marketing company and clearly differentiates us from our competitors because:

  • Our professional marketing acumen will make your phones ring and/or drive people into your store
  • Our expert sales training ensures the person taking the call or greeting the customer will make the sale 

Marketing brings people to your table and sales guide them into making a buying decision before they go to someone else’s table.  We do it all to help you get more clients and make more money.

Meet the SMMarT Guys.

Kim Robinson Kim Robinson, Company President and #1 SMMarT Guy rose from a door-to-door cable TV salesman to a top sales and marketing executive on the strength of his ability to comfortably communicate well with everyone from C level executives to frontline sales reps.

He stepped off the mega-corporation ladder in 2001 to launch SMMarT. While building his creative marketing and sales training company, Robinson co-authored the book, “Communicate Clearly, Confidently & Credibly,” and has published, to date, over 20 articles on sales communication, marketing, team building, and management (Click here for a list of his published articles: http://www.smmartconsulting.com/articles.html).

His sales training programs are successful because they are both easy to understand and to implement. And his strong belief that every marketing piece should be aimed at getting more clients and making more money led him to coin, and to live by the phrase, acquisition-focused marketing.
Rene Wukich   Rene’ Wukich, Division Head and #2 SMMarT Guy built and ran private enterprises and cable and wireless systems in the United States, South America, and Great Britain. Her unique combination of domestic and foreign management experience across three continents prepared her well for creative and effective problem solving in all manner of business environments. 

Rene’ applied those problem solving skills to build, lead, and manage cable collections and equipment recovery teams for Sprint, Cox, Videotron, Time Warner and Insight.  And her proven track record of success with these companies uniquely qualified her to join the SMMarT Management Team as the head of cable television collections and equipment recovery operations.

Rene's contract collection group for SMMarT generates exceptional results, and enjoys smooth and enviable reporting and operations.  SMMart is proud to welcome her as another SMMarT Guy.
Don Dudan   Don Dudan, President of AirTight Internet Services and SMMarT Guy #3 studied computers in college way back when COBOL and FORTRAN were the two main computer languages and video games didn’t even exist. For the next twenty years he held various positions directing technical teams in leading-edge telecommunications and Internet companies.

He launched AirTight Internet Services in 1998 and his company has been creating, maintaining, and hosting websites for small, medium, and large enterprises ever since. He and Kim went to college together and he and his company work so much with SMMarT that he earned an official SMMarT Guy title too.

Click here to visit the AirTight website: http://www.goairtight.com
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